July 25, 2011

Heat wave

Last week was a record breaking heat wave.  108 d F in Newark, NJ, that's 42 C!  With high humidity, it was terrible.  Thank heavens for air conditioning!  My brother was teasing me, saying we'd probably wouldn't care if they built 3 nuclear reactors, and I had to agree.
No air conditioning at work made for a sluggish day.
It cooled off a bit today, but is supposed to heat up again.  Tonight it rained, and the parched poor plants are so happy!

My robins left the nest.  Poor little robins, got photographed because they were just so close to the stairs!  The wrens are still here, since we still get scolded by the parents.

The weekend was too hot to hike.  We babysat for a dog, and when the dog got picked up yesterday, a little boy was left behind, who wanted to spend the night at grandma's.  When I came to work this morning, Linda, my co-worker, asked what happened - I left with a dog on Friday, and appeared with a little boy on Monday!

The little boy wanted spaghetti for breakfast.  Since I had some leftover, I heated it up with plenty of butter, and that was his breakfast.  That's what grandmothers do.   Wanna come over and have spaghetti breakfast? No problem!

The weekend was needed to rest up from a hard work week, it's tough battling the heat day in and day out.  It felt good to be in the cool house.

Yes, I owe you photos from last weekend's hike, and of the robins, I know.  But you'll have to wait until next time!


  1. Oh Ruth! Take care of yourself in that awful heat. The hottest here this year has been 105 but then that's expected in the desert. And it's a dry heat. I've lived in humid heat and hated it. So sorry you have to work in the heat too. Stay home and cool...

    I LOVE spaghetti for breakfast! I'll come for that anytime:) Lucky little guy.

    I'll watch for more pictures....

  2. Deine Enkelkinder haben die weltbeste Oma, echt.
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Doris