May 1, 2012

May First and Sohpie

It's Tuesday, and I am trying to catch up with you all.  Thank you for the comments, I appreciate it!
I was looking for photos, of the cat that adopted us, of our last adventures, and they are all on the phone.
Who can remember all that?!
First the cat.  In maybe January a cat, who was living off the Burger King dumpster, and wandered around the big, huge, old, actually ancient, factory building we work in, which has a huge dirt lot, made it inside the building.  She was never allowed before because she would set off the alarm which was set at night.
Some of the guys at work would leave their left-over lunches.  She interpreted that as an invitation to move in.
Of course she picked my work area, since I have (clean) fabric.  Hum, she thought, my dirty filthy body likes laying on clean fabric.  Since she had a very nice personality, we accommodated her, made her a box, gave her her own fabric, and even provided a litter box.  She behaved like a house kitty from the very beginning.  She actually never left the building again, except for a couple of times.
Eventually she got fixed, came back and continued living the life of leisure.  Except when she walked the warehouse, she came back dusty/dirty , since dirt is everywhere in the factory.

Well, M and I decided to give her a chance and see how she makes out living in a house.  She likes it just fine!  Except for being fed, a few minutes playtime each day, and 5 minutes of fresh water running, you'd never know she was here.  She cleans herself obsessively And we finally know what colors she is.

May I introduce Sophie, our new housemate:


  1. Sophie ist eine sehr hübsche Katzendame. Gratuliere!
    Liebe Grüße, Ruthy

  2. Hallo,

    deutsche Texte wären sehr schön, kann leider kein englisch

    Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald

  3. Super! Eine Glückskatze eben.

  4. Quick peek as I head to bed...will be back in the morning to catch up. My how you've gathered new things this past year:) xox