May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Monday

It's still early, just after 6 AM.  There already was a traffic jam around the bird feeder on the deck.  I filled it with the cheapest bird food I could find, and the birds love it.

Shot through the strong screen, which we put in after the dog could just rip open a hole in the old screen.
We worked around the house yesterday, cleaned the deck - he - laundry - me - and we went shopping.
M. made a beautiful table top to the old table stand.
Here is a photo of our gazebo, I have no idea what to call it in German:
You can see the new table top, the finish is drying on it, and once dry, we're all set to use it!
And some impressions from our day in NYC
 Our group
 The boys trying on the protective gear

 happy kids
 on the left the stern of the USS Wasp, in the middle the masts of the Coast Guard sail ship, the Eagle

 view from Weehawken, always beautiful
 and the tower of the World Trade Center, already taller than the Empire State Building

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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