April 29, 2012

Two Weeks

It has been two weeks since I've been here.  Yes, I read other blogs, yes, I fully intend to blog, think about it, formulate it in my head, but don't get the chance to actually do it.  Bad girl.  But it also means I'm busy with my life.  And that's the great part.  Even if it means going to the emergency room last night with M, who was doubled over with a back ache.  He got scanned for kidney stones (no), ultra-sounded for gall stones (no), and then given meds and a prescription for a severe back ache.  After all was said and done, it was midnight before we came home.
But we have absolutely no cause for complaint, bad as a backache is, being told that they may have to do an emergency gall bladder removal is a lot worse....  and yes, I know there are worse things.

A fellow blogger suddenly lost her husband DayDreamWorld has to deal with that, and she is so brave and strong, and capable to tell us about it.

My brother is doing better, he is healing much faster than the doctors expected.  Unfortunately he is facing chemotherapy, and understandably is not looking forward to it.

My youngest grandchild Katherine will be one year old next weekend, and we are going to her birthday party!

I saw the youngest grandchildren last weekend, they met at my house for a playdate.  How adorable they all are, and how much fun!


  1. gute besserung an euch, an M!

  2. Du bist ja eine richtig leidenschaftliche Oma! und manchmal steht das pralle Leben dem Bloggen im Weg. Macht nix.