April 10, 2012

Photos of hike, etc.

Never any time.  Even though work is slow (at the moment, this is not a complaint!), there is no time.  I still pick up two kids at school, and they started their full activities.  We have an appointment directly after school today, and right after that is gymnastics for Jessica.  And she goes for three hours now!  Lots of time for a 7 - almost 8 year old.

But I promised pictures of the hike.  The weather was just gorgeous.  The sky so clear and blue, like it is normally in the fall.  M. looked at the photos and thought they looked washed out.  I reminded him how clear and sunny and bright the day was.
The last photo is the last one I took on the hike.  The path runs right under those fallen trees, a little to the left of the photo.  Weird, right?
Anyway, I was told that it might be a thought to hike the Appalachian Trail when we retire.  Or part of it.  Sounds great?  Well, the hiking part does.  Sleeping on the ground?  Maybe in rain?  Not so much.
But we'll see.
And yes, I read 'Into the woods' many years ago.  And wanted to start hiking right then.  (I was younger then).  But I'm not counting it out.

And we went to the movies, we saw 'The Hunger Games'.  Long movie, could have been cut a little.  The books were book-candy.  Read through in no time.  My opinion?  A good and easy read.

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  1. Ha, M is HUGE on the one photo, takes up the whole blog:) Apalacian Trail huh? You may not be much of a tent sleeper but the walking would be good. Never say never....( I bet you do it...)
    Glad life is going on as it should:)