April 16, 2012

Engagement, old friends, dinners and hiking

Friday we met old friends for dinner.  I don't think I've seen them since four years ago.  It was like old times, laughing, 'do you remembers' so much so that the waitress came over three times and asked if we knew what we wanted to have as an appetizer, and the answer always was that we hadn't even looked at the menu!  It was just so much fun, and M, who met them for the first time on Friday, was comfortable and enjoyed himself.
On Saturday we met the family at a great restaurant, and had a celebratory dinner for our engagement.  It was just lovely.  I love being in the big group, seeing all of them, talking, telling stories, seeing the kids (they were so good), and laughing at Evan, who would only accept a spoonful of ice cream from his mom.
 My girls

Matthew, Jessica and Evan
What a great time, and thank you so very much, it was very special!


  1. schön! siehst sehr glücklich und gut aus! mike auch! herzlichen glückwunsch nochmal! :-))

  2. Toll! Speaken deine girls eigentlich deutsch?