April 16, 2012

Forgot the hiking part

Well, at the very beginning of the blog I thought I'd write a lot more about crafting, sewing, grandchildren, and garage sales than what it turned out to be.  I'm using this sort of as a calendar, to see what I did, what happens in my life, and to reach out to friends or family.

Little did I know that I'd be hiking, and spending time with a wonderful man, that I'd meet a lot of great people through him, and that things would change totally.

Last weekend was just wonderful.  We met friends - as I wrote in my last post, and had dinner with the family.
Yesterday, (after watching re-runs of 'Mad Men', which we got hooked on, and love), we decided to ask friends to come along for a hike to Hawk Watch.  Yes, they did want to come, and on the smallish hike I learned that there is a rock, special to our area, called 'pudding rock'.  Doesn't that seem like a contradiction?  With pudding you imagine something soft, yet a rock called 'pudding rock'?  Weird.  Turns out, it's the purple/magenta color that is unique to this area:
 pudding rock, and below to show how big the white areas are in the rock

 On Hawk Watch Rock, the 'caretakers' or counters of the Hawks that last week they counted over 10,000 hawks one day!  And other days one or two.
 My sweetheart, who obligingly gives me the strong-man pose anytime I ask for it!
 A Rat Snake - not a rattle snake - in a tree.  The snake was at least 6 feet long! (3 m)
 I think this photo shows the observation point, or the Hawk Watch best, the valley spreads out below the rock and it is just gorgeous.
more snake...

The Bat Cave

skunk cabbage

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  1. Was für eine Natur da.

    Warum heisst das Zeug skunk cabbage? Stinkt das so oder fressen das Skunks?