November 30, 2011

It never stops...

Meaning the hectic.  The on-to-something-new.  You think you get older, you have time, and - guess what - yeah, I can hear the wild laughter of everyone who is retired.  Next two weekends?  Booked.  And no room to hike.  Used to be a hobby....At least I still get to take my morning walk most days.
 The set table on Thanksgiving Day
 We thought it funny to show ourselves before getting it all together, and no,
I do not have an after picture!
Okay, I do, but on my droid, and I do not know how to upload yet.
There has to be an app for that, but...
And our youngest guest.

I was too busy to take many pictures,  but I did escape with the children briefly
while the dishes were cleared and done.
(no way was I going to be involved with that!)


  1. Mwahahaa...I LOVE that before picture! Show's how comfy you two are with the reality of each other. Great specticles M :) Ask someone a bit younger about the Droid, they know everything electronic.

    Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Love the table. And hiking is funner when it's warm, right?

  2. Hey- Du siehst toll aus!! :-)
    Der Vorweihnachtsstress ist hier auch ausgebrochen, doch wir geben uns Mühe, wenigstens die Sonntage frei zu halten...und schön ist es ja doch :-)
    Ganz liebe Grüße,