November 6, 2011


Friday afternoon we left on a quest.  The quest was to get free of the need to have electricity at all cost.  Well, if this sounds like bullshit, it is.  We left to pick up a generator for the house.  Yes, we like our comfort, refrigerator, heat, light, TV.

And this is where we went to look for the generator, doesn't it look terrific?
 Horses from Montana, in upstate New York
 Friendly horses, too!
 They are rodeo horses, unfortunately we never seem to be around when they are being trained.
 On the way home we stopped at Kaaterskill Falls, I was determined to see the falls again.
 There are still some leaves on the trees, and below are the trailmarkers.

 And this is the view of the lower fall.

 And of course there is an explorer in any male, no matter how old:
The whole falls, unfortunately the light either washes out the sky, or the fall is too dark...

 Where is M.?
 my hero!
love that man.....

Today:  chores around the house, raking leaves, removing the mess from the storm, making beef stew, making cinnamon buns (getting good at those), installing a programmable thermostat, making crescent rolls, folding laundry....
the sun is stunning - shining in a clear blue sky, happy.


  1. I love your photos! You had quite a trip! Stay safe and I hope your electricity will be back in no time! I don't blame you, there are some things we all need! Those falls are very lovely and the horses are beautiful. Have a good week!

  2. Hey Ruth! Love the horses, almost looks like where I lived before I came here....and the falls...and that you love that man:) Glad you're ready for the next outage and that your need to be a pioneer was bullshit! Hahaha....

    Stay warm

  3. Dein New-Jersey-Opa sieht wirklich nett aus! Ich finde es so süß wie man den Jungen in ihm noch sieht. Toller Ausflug!
    Bread Pudding kenne ich übrigens aus England als bread-and-butter pudding, aber nur mit Weißbrot. Sehr lecker!

  4. Wieder tolle Eindrücke, die Pferde, die haben wohl echt was drauf. Wie ich die kenne, fahrt ihr nochmal hin, um sie in action erleben zu können ;-)
    Habt ihr nun den Generator? Mit dem Aufräumen seid ihr hoffentlich jetzt fertig, nach dem harten Schneesturm.
    Dein M. ist wunderbar, das Kind im Manne kommt zum Glück ab und zutage, herrlich. Euch beiden alles Liebe ♥