November 14, 2011

New cell phone

Last Saturday I decided it was time I join the newest technology, and went and got myself an Android.  Holy smokes!  What a difference!  I got to hold it for a bit, before it was taken over by M, who had a blast.  Played Angry Birds, tried out all kinds of things, and enjoyed it very much from what I could see.
It took me until the next day to realize I had no clue how to dial out.   Really.  Not a one.

And in the afternoon we went back to the phone store, and M got one too.  Now it's hilarious, we're both asking each other, what this or that means, how to do this or that, and so on.  I had the hardest time downloading google voice, which is the way I call my German relatives and friends, and I want to be able to do that on the new phone (did you know a cell phone is called 'handy' in Germany?  I love that name for a cell phone, so much more graceful than 'cell phone').  What's your handy number?  Where is my handy?  Doesn't that sound nice?

Anyway, besides that, we stayed home this past weekend.  We were both tuckered out from the work week, from all our running around, and we wanted to stay home.  It was nice too, we got some things done, got rid of the blue couch (finally!), and the garage a little roomier, the gutters cleaned (my hero climbed on the roof and cleaned from there!).
All right, on to the Thanksgiving menu.... we're planning, how about you?


  1. Handy huh? When I worked as an EMT, we carried two way radios we called Handy Talkies or HT's. Haha, I can just see you two sitting across from each other, texting...each other :) I'm sticking with my little TracFone for now...

    I miss having a garage, until I remember how easy they fill up with everything but the car..and I don't have a hero to help...

    Have a good week at work and let us know what's for dinner next week:)

  2. ruthi, als ich mein samsung android im april bekommen habe, habe ich 2 tage gebraucht um dat scheiss ding einzurichten. ich bin dabei bald durchgedreht....schön das es euch so gut geht und das zusammenleben so gut klappt! K&D