November 15, 2011

Week before Thanksgiving

The guests are invited.  I'm still not sure, how many we will be for Thanksgiving, but that's okay!

Not much news here.  Love the phone, still not sure of all the features.  And still have questions about it, but that's okay, it's a learning curve.  Matthew got a hold of it, and found the games right of the bat.  And played.  Jessica wanted to know if she could have my old phone.  Not to dial out, just to have it.

More later - gotta run, I just ordered Christmas presents!!!  Yeah, and not on anyone's list!  (hope they like it)

1 comment:

  1. I can smell dinner already:) I'm headed to CO this Fri for an early Turkey Day with my kids.

    Sounds like you have a new friend :) (the phone) And isn't it amazing how kids nowdays know all this stuff.

    Shopping is so fun. And I'm sure they'll love whatever you give:) I'm finally doing most of it online. I live so far from the big stores and hate the crowds anyway, so this shopping in my jammies with a cup of tea is the best!

    Have a great rest of the week my friend, I owe an email...coming later.