November 27, 2011

.... and the Christmas rush starts

Thanksgiving was lovely.  The food was good, the cooking took forever, but was great, the company was the best, and time flew by much too fast.
Matthew wanted me to find bird food, he loves watching the birds come to the feeder.  I told him to look on top of the refrigerator.  He climbed on a chair, but couldn't reach it.  I climbed on a chair next to him, to get the bird food.  He looked at me and exclaimed: You can climb on a chair?  What are you, 300 pounds or something?  It doesn't collapse under you?  (he's nine and trying out sarcasm and humor).  After I recovered from laughing, I told him it wasn't very nice what he said, and to please correct that.
His answer:  'I'm sorry you weigh 300 pounds'

Happy Thanksgiving  .... and on to the Christmas rush!
Thursday we went to MA, and went to a lovely quilting shop in the hills of Massachusetts.  Of course I got a quilt kit!  Now, the trick will be to find the time to make it.
Today?  Trimming the tree - done.
Laundry - done.
Making the advent calendars for three families (one each!) - not done.
Christmas shopping - started....
Cookies?  One dough made....
Off I go...

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  1. Sounds like you have the makings of a stand up comedian! That's funny, glad neither of you fell. Sounds like Thanksgiving was fun and the food was good too. I've got half of my shopping done, the rest will be Visa gift cards...and yes, it'll go by fast. We'll be looking at 2012 soon enough..oh my!