November 24, 2011

Morning - Happy Thanksgiving!

It's still very early, I'm just up to take the turkey out of the wrappings, and start the sweet potatoes.

We did a lot of prep work last night.  M made a mushroom soup, we fixed the stuffing, and opened the table.

Here is what I want you to see,  it's M, chopping mushrooms.
He does the same with onions and celery, and anything else that needs chopping.

On that note, I need to leave you, and get going with the preps!
Matthew and Jessica will arrive later, after the go to New York with their parents to watch the parade.
I met them yesterday for lunch.
I asked them if they were excited.
No, they weren't.  They didn't want to see a 'dumb' parade.
And then were outraged when their mother announced the parade
was three hours long.
And they would have to stand the entire time.
Even longer, in order to get a spot, they'd have to be there early.
I was laughing, cracking up, because it reminded me
of the times I tried to show my kids special things.
Same reaction.
It only becomes wonderful after the fact!
Enjoy your day!
PS, and oh, Matthew and Jessica will join us for dinner after the parade.


  1. das gibts doch net!!! schick ihn endlich mal nach kastellaun, dass muss er unbedingt holger zeigen! holger ist ja voll die schnecke im vergleich! WOW!!!! :-)))

  2. Hallo,

    hier ist ja nix mit Thanksgiving. Euch einen tollen Tag. Sag mal, wie kann man so schnell die Sachen schneiden? Unglaublich!

  3. That's awesome...does M have a brother?? 'grin'

    Funny about the kids and yet when they get our age...they'll have the same memories you do, and be so glad they have the mom they have.

    Enjoy your day my freind and show some after shots too. Eat a piece of pie for me too:)

  4. Mike has mad knife skills! Everything was delicious...including the soup for which these mushrooms were chopped!