November 21, 2011

Monday before Thanksgiving

The weekend was nice.  Saturday we puttered around the house - I can't even remember what we did.  In the afternoon we went to Matthew's last soccer game, they won 5:1!  Good for you, Matthew!

Yesterday shopping and cooking.  Not even for Thanksgiving, just to cook - we still need to eat every day, even though the big feast is on Thursday!  We tried out a recipe in the Slow Cooker, or Crock Pot, as it was called in 'the olden days'.  Chicken Provenciale, it was good!

We had friends over, and we talked about hiking in our area.  Which will happen sometime....

I'm working on Christmas, with a large family there is lots to be organized, and checked, and emailed back and forth, and teased, it's fun.  My one friend tried to organize us and tell us to go to a website, and have everyone check into that, but I'm happy with the emails.  Part of the fun is telling what one bought for whom, and then remembering to leave the recipient off the list - tricky, I tell you!

If I get everything done at work, I'll take Wednesday off and cook and clean - a pecan pie wants to be baked, the rolls need to be done (I'm baking my own), the cranberry sauce can be made....

And I will have a big help in the kitchen, M loves to cook and is good at it!  Excellent, even!
Still so not used to it, and it's so lovely to have.

I finally finished a jacket in fleece that I'd started last year.  Turns out I bought too little of it, and it's the Polartec (expensive compared to the regular stuff), so I didn't really know what to do.  I happen to have some remnants of red and multi-colored fleece, which I used to make the collar and pockets, and a stripe down between the zipper - and it looks great.  I like it, and it's not like anything out there.  (and if I wasn't too lazy to go to the car and get the camera, I'd show you what I look like.  I'm retarded and can't take a picture with my cell phone, because I keep hitting all the other choices when I point the phone at me - I didn't get the android with both forward and rear-facing camera, drat!)
Enough rattling on about nothing,
enjoy your week!


  1. kann ich eigentlich schon fragen liebe ruthi??? wann wird denn geheiratet, wann ist die grosse party?? ;-))))))

  2. Oh, sounds like so much fun. I miss having big family get togethers, hasn't happened for a long time. But I still love having who I can and enjoying the time together. I swear I can smell your rolls all the way out here:) I need to find a chef:) Happy Turkey Day my awesome friend. See ya on the other side of the weekend:)