December 6, 2011

Baby sitting weekend

This weekend was taken up with little ones.  My son and his wife came to visit and brought Noah (3), and Kate (7 mos).  No problem on Friday, the parents left when both kids were already asleep.  Saturday we spsent with parents and kids, the baby was no problem at all, and we went for a hike with Noah, his Dad and Nibby, their dog.  We discovered a new hiking area here in the neighborhood, which we've been meaning to explore.
This area was mined for iron ore, and I brought home a couple of rocks with remnants of iron in them.
The ridge we hiked used to have iron mines on it, it still has a  cemetery in the middle of the woods, no roads around, no village - spooky.
 But after reading up on it online, I found out that the cemetery isn't that old, the beginning of the 1900's  (okay, maybe not old to someone who grew up in Europe, let me just say 'Roman ruins).
 Water play 
 Ready for take-off?
And what kind of face is this?  With a hat?
 vicious dog ;-)
 downhill a lot easier, and below a happy little boy playing in water

 little and big cousin
pretty Katie-did!


  1. Sieht nach viel Spaß aus. Toll!

  2. Your grandbabies are so cute! Glad you found time to go for a hike again. Old headstones fascinate me...Loved the ones I saw in Boston from the 1600's and earlier. Stay warm!