December 31, 2011

Happy New Year - Prost Neu Jahr!

Almost there.  It's a little after 5 in the evening and we are resting.  We went for a 7 plus mile hike today to the Hawk Watch in the Wildcat Ridge woods.  Nice.  It almost drizzled a little, but the weather held.  What a neat thing to do on New Year's Eve!

We watched two gorgeous little boys from Thursday to Friday.  They are fun, and just lovely.  And it's amazing how quickly they grow!  And how funny they are!  The little one, Evan, is 16 mos. old, and he woke up in the middle of the night.  I wasn't able to soothe him back to sleep, so I laid down with him on the couch and both of us fell asleep, until Jackson (4), woke me up with the request to cover him up.  In the morning we went to the playground by the school, and the boys loved it.  Yesterday evening celebrated Nicole's birthday, we brought back the boys, and then all of us went out to dinner.

Some of the bloggers I follow do a flash back to last year.  I won't bore you with that, let me just tell you that I totally changed my life.

Wishing you all out there a Happy and Healthy New Year - I'm off to enjoy my evening.

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  1. Totally changed is right! And look how happy you are now:) Wishing you an adventurous 2012 Ruth, filled with sweet babies, awesome hikes and love....