December 22, 2011

count down

Busy!  I finished all the orders that were on deck yesterday.  I'm supposed to move into a new room at work, and I'll get going on getting the move started today.  I'm still getting last minute gifts, I have to finish shopping to bring things to where we are having the Christmas celebration with family.  It'll be a big celebration, with relatives coming from St. Louis (can't wait to see them), and my daughters and their families.

But I refuse to be rushed.  I fully intend to enjoy it all, from the last minute shopping, to the last cookie eaten - oh, yes, I do want to bake some more cookies too).

My tree is standing in front of me, well, not directly in front, I'm sitting on the couch, the tree is quietly standing in the window across, pretty with all the ornaments I collected over the years.  I had a phase when I bought only glass Santas, beautiful glass ornaments from home, then I collected vintage ornaments as I came across them at garages sales.  I still have one glass ornament from my husband's grandparents, that has to be at least 60 years old!
Last night I was at Matthew's soccer school, and four women were chatting.  The subject of how conscious of every minute we are here in the North-East came up.  My daughter works in the city (NYC) and was complaining of all the tourists in the way of the day-to-day folks there.  Standing in doorways to put on their gloves, button their coats, while the regulars just want to move on, standing on the sidewalk gaping up at the sky scrapers, while the regulars just want to get to the subway, they 'regulars' even talk faster!
We were laughing about it, and that is part of getting ready for some toning it down.

We fully intended to throw ourselves into the fray, join the shopping mob last night.  But we stayed home, had supper - lovely white asparagus!, ham, and potatoes au gratin (for me) and macaroni and cheese (for him).  And then we just relaxed.

And should I not get a chance to post again before Christmas, I just wanted to wish you a very merry holiday, a happy Christmas, and I'll see you in between - before the new year!


  1. Liebe Ruth,
    da habt ihr ja ne Menge zu tun.
    Ich bin nicht sicher, ob du meine Antwort auf deinen Kommentar bei mir lesen wirst. Also dann hier nochmal meine Info:
    In Manhatten am Columbus Circle auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt ist seit 7 Jahren der deutsche Ingo Bergmann, der unter "German Delights" deutsche Speisen anbietet: Glühwein - allerdings ohne Alkohol - wäre auch das richtige für mich!
    Bratwurst, Lebkuchen, Spekulatius, Stollen
    Vielleicht mal für den nächsten Advent vormerken?
    Herzlichen Dank, auch dir wunderbare, gesegnete Weihnachten mit und für alle deine Lieben.
    deine Bärbel

  2. Makes me wish even more that I lived closer to you! Sounds like you're all ready to go, less the last batch of cookies:) I love your attitude Ruth. You, M, and your family have a warm and comfy Christmas and be sure to share all your party pictures..