December 16, 2011

Quilting present

Last weekend M's sister K and her husband R came to visit.  We had tickets for the 911 Memorial, and went to Midtown to see the Christmas windows, the tree, the ice skating rink, Trump Towers, Times Square, the whole christmassy nine yards. See my last posts for pictures.
What I should have posted about first, was a fabulous quilted table runner that K made for us!  It's gorgeous, I love the colors, and if I ever get that good at quilting, I'll consider myself lucky!  Yeah, I know, I sew for a living, but believe me, industrial sewing with industrial machines is worlds away from quilting.
I just have to show a few pictures of the runner:

Isn't it gorgeous?  I just love it!  Thank you so much, K!


  1. Liebe Ruth,
    ich lach mich kaputt, runner ist ein Läufer, hier ein Tischläufer. Klasse.
    Der ist aber auch schön, meine Güte.
    ein Knopf als Blüteninneres, super!
    Die Sterne so wundervoll gearbeitet.
    Dann kann ja Weihnachten kommen ;-)

  2. Oh yes, she captured you in this! Love the colors and the way it all flows. Quilting is truly an art!