December 18, 2011

Santa sighting

No clue what we did yesterday - oh, yeah, errands.  Shipping packages, grocery store, etc.

Today?  Well, since I broke the toilet (don't ask, I have a shelf of milk glass vases over the window next to the toilet, I took a vase down, and it promptly fell  out of my hand and cracked the toilet), we bought a replacement and it was installed today.  Yeah, we went with the higher seat (old people!), and it was installed without drama.
Then M was nice enough to take my washer apart yet again, since I have a tendency not to check the pockets for coins, a nickel got caught in the pump, and clogged up the works.  Thank goodness it's an easy enough fix and doesn't require a service call (note to self, keep checking the pockets!)

We did manage to go for a walk.  Close by, and it was great, and we are out of shape, and promised ourselves we'd be better  about it in the future.
 M walking toward a bat cave.
It's an old mine entrance, boarded up, but with openings
for bats to go in and out.  There also is a platform,
 where one can watch the bats.
Not at the moment, I think they hibernate.

 Bittersweet, one colorful point in the mostly grey woods.
another spot of color.
And then we ran into Santa!
Really, check it out:
 He wanted to know if we knew any naughty little people!
Of course we told him that everyone we knew was nice.
We don't know anyone naughty!


  1. ach komm, santa claus gibts ja doch!

  2. Doch doch, das muss er sein.

    Aber guck mal, wenn dein Mann sämtliche Kopfbehaarung wachsen lässt, dann ist er echte Konkurrenz.

  3. No naughty ones? Really?? mwahahaaa....

    Glad you had a hike and got stuff fixed. You never said if the toilet was the only thing that broke...hope the milk glass didn't..

    Cute pice with the guy in a red suit:)