December 11, 2011

Christmas in NYC

Yup, that's where we ended up yesterday.  First the visit to the 911 Memorial.  We had tickets.

 Very moving, and one has to remember that for a lot of families it's the cemetery for loved ones.

Then, on to the Christmassy NY.
And there were Santa's all over - I guess the two
bunnies lost their way from Easter...
(it was a bar crawl, we asked)
 Santa girl, just for M.  
We also saw a girl dressed as a lampshade, with the legs from
a 'Christmas Story' - too late to take a picture!
 construction on Ground Zero
 Entertainment in the subway.
It was actually very good!
living statue in the subway station
 On the Times Square Glass steps

The view - always amazing and very crowded.
 brother and sister - happy
 The obligatory photo of the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center
 This year's star on the top
NY pretzels and chestnuts on the street
And this Sunday a lovely brunch with the family.
Thank you so much for coming!
It was great!
Loved seeing the kids....


  1. so schön und nur noch 12 tage......

  2. Danke für diese Eindrücke. Da ist ja was los... wow!

  3. I can not imagine being around that many people! Guess I've lived in the West too long:) Funny Santas with bunnys, intertainment on the subway and is that statue really a woman? Cute one of you two. Glad you got to see Ground Zero. Quite humbling, even in pictures. Stay warm and I'll email you soon.