January 1, 2012

New Year's Day hike

We went hiking to the same spot again today.  The weather was sunny, and  I love the white trail.  The trails are only three miles from the house.  Here are the photos I didn't post yesterday:
 This is already on top of the mountain, a huge rock, where one can see for miles, even NYC in the far distance.

 warming soup for us on top of the rock, with the view before us.

 On the trail
 and in the middle of the winter, still beautiful color, at least in the moss
 Below are my new winter hiking boots, over the ankle, and at the end of two days, they were rubbing my legs  :-(
 My man!
The best for last:


  1. Schuhe über die Enkel könnte ich wohl auch nicht gut haben.
    Da hattet ihr ja wundervolle Wetter, bei uns hat's nur geregnet an Neujahr, nicht feste aber stetig. Wundervolle Fotos, danke dafür, die Aussichten sind großartig.
    Ihr beide seid schon ein super Paar.
    Danke fürs Mitnehmen ♥

  2. What an awesome picture at the end! So cool how the bird seems to fly along the trail of the jet, and how M seems to be singing opera:) Glad you had such a fun time but hope you fix the new shoe problem...