January 9, 2012

Oh, just another weekend

It seems I can't find the time or inclination to post more then once a week.  I've moved most of the things at work all by myself (except for the heavy stuff), and I'm sore.
Saturday we did nothing, just relaxed.  Yesterday a hike on the smallish side - under three miles - but on a new path, again in the Wildcat Ridge woods.  With a beaver pond with two dens along one of the paths.

And I started on my quilt!  I even have a picture:
nine blocks so far.  I still have to cut one strip, add it to the blocks, and then am ready to put the blocks together.  And then the fun will begin!  It's lap size, and hopefully I sewed everything straight enough that it will come together easily.
I love the colors in the quilt, which was one of the reasons I choose it.
Well, I was going to upload more photos, but I have to blowdry my hair, put the soup M made into containers, make the bed, put on make-up, and go to work!
Okay, I decided to make enough time, to show a little bit more about the weekend.
In the woods again:
 Beaver pond, with two dens

Roman ruins?  :-)
 New York City way in the distance, with all the zoom my little camera is able to give
 At Hawk Watch, the view is terrific, no matter the weather
 Obligatory mushrooms, and below my blooming clivia

Yeah, I got to sew a little bit!


  1. Like I said, you are a seasoned seamstress! Don't stress over a little quilt... Haha
    And keep sharing your awesome hiking pictures! Makes me smile...

  2. Wandern ist eine schöne Sache.
    Wir müssten auch mal wieder losgehen! Doch es ist so früh dunkel!
    Die Farben für deinen Quilt gefallen mir auch. So frisch, so positiv.
    Die Pilze an dem Baum sagen, dass der Baum nicht mehr lebt. Und die Clivie in freier Wildbahn ist ja toll!
    Liebe Grüße über den großen Teich
    deine Bärbel

  3. Das sieht bei euch aber auch sehr herbstlich aus.

    Da hab ich dich wohl durcheinander gebracht. Malle = Mallorca und Dollar hab ich nur so geschrieben. Sorry for that confusion.