January 30, 2012

Emptying a house

Up in MA we were busy emptying a house.  It was a lovely, lovely home, warm, inviting, calm, it felt like a home.  The owner is no longer here on this earth, and decisions had to be made on what to do with her possessions.

And we packed, and lugged, and threw out, and looked at pictures, and moved things, and had memories, and closure.

I was given a quilt the lady of the house picked out, bought the materials, and started for me.  Her daughter finished it, had it quilted, hand-sewed the binding on it, and gave it to me on Saturday.  What a special gift!  I love the colors, and better yet the association with the memories of it.

 The quilting is done with variegated colors, and it was sent out to be quilted.
The designer of the quilting part squared off the flowers to match them to the flowers in the border of the quilt.  I love the colors, they are me!
Thank you, Karen, for finishing it, and
Thank you, Dorothy, for wanting to make a quilt for me and 
choosing it!  
I love it!

M was given one of his mother's quilts - his is the first quilt she ever made, the double wedding ring.  It's just gorgeous.  I put it on the bed tonight, just to sleep under a memory.

It is signed, and matches the colors in the bedroom like it was made for it.  I cannot for a minute imagine starting quilting with the double wedding ring!  And do you see the scalloped edges?  Gorgeous!
And yes, it's signed, and pleased M tremendously to be given it.

To my Anonymous commentor:  Vielen Dank fuer die lieben Worte, ich freue mich sehr darueber!  Und viele liebe Gruesse!

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