February 1, 2012


Which would be Wednesday - Midweek.
Mild here in the NE, 60+ degrees today.  But it still feels chilly, with the wind.  And you know that winter will come roaring back, with snow and ice and nasty stuff.
Today I complained about the parking lot at work (and I rarely complain).  I got to work, and not even paying attention, turned into my parking spot - which is on a dirty driveway, but luckily right next to the entrance door to the building.  Unthinking I'd run over a broken headlight, which the guy, who rents the lot next door, where he keeps broken-down cars, left in our parking lot.  I finally complained, I'm not in the mood to pay for two more tires!  The dirt lot - huge - is littered with nails from boards that got de-nailed outside, and despite the lot being checked out with a little magnetic carriage, there is still plenty of debris to do damage to a car.
And I'm sick and tired of people parking behind me, blocking me in.  I am tired of having to go hunt the blocker down, and then make him move the car.  When I want to leave, I want to leave, I don't want to plan in time to find drivers who are blocking me in!  And no, I don't want to smile anymore when I find them, and say the obligatory 'oh, it's okay' - I want to let out my inner German and let them have it!

Okay.  You all can calm down now, tirade is over.  I'm big and strong and make my message perfectly clear when I get my dander up.  (wow, where did that come from, I said I was done!)
Really.  I'm done now.

Change of subject?  What did we have for supper last night ---- hmmm,  I had creamed spinach, and potatoes, and baked/roasted chicken - I love, no, LOVE roasted chicken!  And as a little treat I made some fried sage leaves - good, I tell you, very good!
I'm thinking tonight we'll have chicken soup.  Which I really like right after roasted chicken.  So it's all good!  Tomorrow?  Gyn appointment.   Not so hot - worse would be a mammography.  And no, I'm not getting that done tomorrow.  And I'm looking forward to watching TV, and having someone sit next to me.

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