February 13, 2012


After the show last night, we went out to dinner.  On 9th Ave., in a tiny, tiny Italian restaurant, which appealed to me because it was decorated with the Valentine's hearts in the window.  When I say tiny, I'm talking a table for two on the left, and a table for four on the right.  And maybe 5 rows.  Small!
Service was good, food too.
Anyway, here are the photos:
M buying a pretzel - extra salt, please!

Doesn't he look handsome?  The hat was bought at Hats-in-the-bellfry'

NYC, Broadway, I think

And I always wanted to be in New York when it snowed.
Well, I'll settle for a snow shower....


  1. Und der Hut, der steht ihm gut :-)
    Bretzel mit extra Salz?!?!?!?!
    Er hat also keinen hohen Blutdruck, lach.
    ich koche alles ohne Salz, weil mein Mann Bluthochdruck hat und auf Salz sofort reagiert.
    Ihr beide seid ein richtig schönes Paar ♥
    deine Bärbel