February 20, 2012

Saturday in the Catskills

Saturday was great.  We met Karen and Robert in Saugerties, NY.  We were 45 minutes too early, so I suggested driving into the Village of Saugerties.  Only a (charming) main street, but an enticing sign to a lighthouse.  Let's check it out, was my suggestion.  So we drove, and drove, it seemed, down a hill, alongside a drop-off on one side until level land.  And at the very end of the road a parking lot with signs to the trail to the light house.  The trail meandered over an overgrown peninsula, still showing damage from last year's hurricane.
And were enticed by these 'devil' seeds all over the trail and along the shore of the Hudson.

But first we met our two hiking/adventure buddies and took off for Kaaterskill Falls, near Hunter, NY.  We met a State Forest Ranger, who told us, that this is the most visited spot in Catskill Park by far.
 Robert, getting the best shot he could of the water fall.  The trail was icy and treacherous, and we turned back about two thirds in, after we saw another hiker fall twice.  But judge for yourself, that's the trail below:

 My hero!  and ice and the view across the creek below

 I had no idea that Karen was behind me...
And of course, M had to climb down to the creek to take some more photos
 on the way back, and the fall at the beginning of the trail

 The Saugerties Light House
it's also a BnB, and looks very romantic!

Sunset over the Catskills

a beautiful, perfect day.
We'll miss hanging out with you, 
Robert and Karen!


  1. Liebe Ruth,
    das war ja nicht ohne, diese Wanderung.
    Ihr hattet viel Spaß, das sieht man.
    Aber diese Treppen, die hatten es in sich, mit dem Eis, oha!
    War wohl besser, umzukehren, ehe euch was zustößt.
    Sicher ist sicher.
    Dein Held ist schon ein echt Netter!
    Und es schaut so herrlich gut gelaunt aus, als du mit Karen da stehst und die Welt umarmst.
    Dieses Haus schaut so romatisch aus, und der Sonnenuntergang, boah, da bleibt mir ja die Luft weg!
    Liebe Grüße und ein prima Wochenende ♥
    deine Bärbel

  2. ist nun mein Kommentar angkeommen?