February 7, 2012

Maryland weekend

We're back from our quick trip to Maryland.  It was great to see the little ones, they are the best!  Kate smiling all the time, happy baby, and so big already!
And Noah - well - Mr. Personality himself.  With a great big 'good morning, Oma!'  And cheerful (although his parents swear he can be different, we don't believe them).
We visited Annapolis, the capitol of MD, ate at Chick & Ruth's (great clam cakes!)

The men bought hats at a place called 'Hats in the Bellfry'
we went to a park and played by the river.  Noah threw rocks with enthusiasm:

For supper we went to National Harbor and ate in a really nice restaurant - thank you, guys, it was great!

1 comment:

  1. Little Kate looks so nice.
    Bin gespannt, wann unser Frischling mal im Wagen sitzen wird.
    Da hattet ihr ja ein prima Wochenende.
    Kinder werfen Steine unheimlich gern. Auch als Wellenreiter? Dafür braucht man ja möglichst flache Steinchen.
    Hüte bei dem Wetter sind ja auch echt gut.
    Was ist das denn für eine krumme Babyflasche? Sind die so? Schaut ja lustig aus.