February 12, 2012

February weekend

Seems I only have time to blog on weekends, or about weekends.
I got a call last Thursday morning that I knew would come, but I was hoping I had a little more time to be ready for.  But I do not get to choose.  I just get to count myself lucky that I knew him.
He is the father of a friend of mine, and has been a great friend, who knew both my parents, who was the typical gruff New-Englander, who liked traveling, talking about everything, was a great friend, and we all adored him.
This was taken almost four years ago, when Teddy, his daughter Linda and I visited the Blackstone River Museum, which was unexpectantly interesting and fun.

We'll be going to his memorial service on Tuesday.  You'll be missed, Teddy!

How to switch from one subject to the next?
Our Saturday was quiet.  We slept in, watched the snow blow around for a while - snow showers only - and went shopping, Valentine's Day is on Tuesday!

Today we used the tickets we got for Christmas - tickets to see 'Rock of Ages' on Broadway.  It was terrific!  We had such a good time, we enjoyed the it a lot, it was funny, and had great music in it.

If I remember, I'll upload the few photos I took today, right now it's late, and we're watching the Grammies.  I'm looking forward to seeing Adele sing, I hope I can stay up for that.

And so it goes.

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  1. Solch einen alten Freund zu haben, ist immer was Besonderes.
    Der weiß noch so vieles aus den alten Zeiten. Mit solch einem Menschen zu klönen, ist ein Ausflug in die Vergangenheit.
    Hey, ihr wart am Broadway!
    Und es war gut, das ist die Hauptsache.
    liebe Grüße
    deine Bärbel