January 3, 2012


The last three days we hiked.  The first two, bridging the old and the new year, to the same spot.  We took different routes, and really liked the longer, more scenic, and smaller trail to the Hawk Watch.  Hawk Watch is an overlook, a huge rock, and it is very popular, on New Year's Day it was even crowded.  But lovely, and the crowds come the shorter way, from a parking lot that is nearby.
Yesterday I wanted to go to another park - I'm having a great time discovering new hikes, and new parks.  This one is still only 10 miles away from the house, and seems to be very popular, to go by the well-marked  and well worn trails.  Lots of people out as well.
We had lunch in the woods every day.  Fantastic, and something I was never capable of, I never even liked to bring sandwiches, since I always had a hard time even choosing what to bring.
 On the trail
 Tripod Rock, it really sits on three small rocks, some bizarre leftover from the ice age

 small island with beaver den
 and the trail goes up again!
my hero!

And this was taken with my cell phone, you can see New York City waaayyy in the back.
some cool fungi, taken by M.

Btw, I keep seeing that my blog is being read by people in Slovakia - hello to you, and happy new year!
I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. Mensch, liebe Ruth, ihr seid ja unterwegs, sagenhaft. Und dann noch Suppe überm offenen Feuer. Die Pilze am Stamm, dann ist der Baum meist tot.
    Schön, dass ihr beide beim Wandern solche Freude habt. Danke fürs mitnehmen. Ich begleite euch sehr, sehr gern.
    Viele liebe Grüße
    deine Bärbel