September 11, 2009

Two Things

Two things are on my mind today.

The first is

September 11th

Big and heavy and something that's there, dark, in my life. Oh, there are other things with weight and dark. But this one has it's own special place. And I will not forget.

The second is a wedding. Which is happening tomorrow in Germany. Two people coming together in marriage, and I was very instrumental in getting them together. Maybe five years ago on Thanksgiving, the bride called from Boston, asking if that spot was still free at the Thanksgiving table. Of course, I said. For the rest of the weekend, though, I'm going to upstate NY, to relax. After asking if it was quiet there, and would she have time to study, and time by herself, which were all resounding yesses, she came. With the Chinese bus from Boston to Chinatown in NYC, then by PATH to NJ.
We celebrated Thanksgiving as a family at Erika's, it was wonderful, and the next day we left for upstate. As I remember, we went out to dinner to the German restaurant on Saturday, when the today-groom joined us at dessert. They were introduced, and that was it. The kids stayed after dinner to go out, and the co-mother-in-law and I went home. The bridal couple (which we didn't know then) spent a lot of time together, the groom drove the bride back to Boston, and the mother-in-law and I agreed it looked like something would come of it. My daughter poo-poooed the very idea.
Well, we old 'witches' knew. ... by the pricking of my thumb, something wicked this way comes....

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