September 15, 2009

cool jobs

Erika is working late today. She went to work early as well too. That will go on all week. She also had to work the weekend. There are some trips coming up for her as well. That means that I will help out. I love giving a hand with the kids. Jessica was so cute when I picked her up from aftercare! Big smile, all happy - I hope I get that today.
Matthew gave his parents problems on a couple of days. He runs screaming out the door, when he decides he's had it. And he is smart, and well liked, he claims he doesn't like one of the kids in after care.
That makes it hard on the parents.
And I am glad I made the choice to not working when my guys were little, I don't think I could handle it. Which is why Erika has the cool job, and I just mosey along. That's all right.

The walk this morning was awesome. A gorgeous sunrise once again, and yes, this time I took a picture. With my cell phone.

An old customer of ours found us after 6 months and stopped by, wanting to know where we were. And of course, he needs his filters.

My hip is bothering me today. It hurts when I lean over the table to cut material. But today it's especially bad. I'll have to take ibuprofen.

I also went out to sushi dinner with Cathy last week:

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