September 9, 2009

Learning to ride a bike

These are the Annalee Christmas dolls I found at a garage sale, all stuffed in a plastic bag in the basement.

aren't they cute?

and this is the painting that Cathy brought over for me from Germany.

Matthew learned to ride a bike over the weekend. His uncle Greg taught him. He didn't really want to, had to think about it, but he finally did it. And he showed me yesterday. He is doing well, but he does need a good bike.

It was also the first day of school for both him and his sister yesterday. Jessica started Kindergarten, and was just beaming when her Dad and I picked her up. She loved it, she loved aftercare, and can't wait to start another day. When we picked up Matthew, who started first grade yesterday, she had to show me her classroom, where she sits, and sat down for me in her seat.

Matthew also enjoyed his first day. I will try to get him to ride his bike this afternoon, maybe I'll get a chance to video him and her.

Over the weekend I worked on my quilt - almost done - and went to some garage sales.
And I had this old hand-made linen towel from Cathy and Thomas' house, I added the lace this morning, so Cathy can use it as a table-runner. I think those are gorgeous!

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