September 8, 2009


Cathy is here. Cathy came to Newark Airport on Friday, from Basel, via London, on her way to Lafayette, LA. Where her mother and sister live. I met Cathy at Newark Airport. She brought a painting with her that I had to leave behind in April, the airline would have charged too much for me to lug it along.

My uncle painted the painting in probably the 1950's or 60's. It's of the Rhine River, hard to tell exactly where. But I love it, first because my uncle painted it, and then because it is a scene of the Rhine. She also brought a book a friend of mine had sent to my brother's house after I left for home.

Anyway, back to Cathy. I think it was wonderful that she just brought the painting, which is fairly large, and thought nothing of it. I think she had a great time with her family, just sad that her son couldn't enjoy it right along with her, since she has to work this week.
We had a wonderful time together yesterday afternoon, first chatting, then going to a mall (yeah, I know, soooo New Jersey!). Then to the movies 'The Time-Traveler's wife'. Pretty good. Entertaining. And really close to the book, which I had read years ago. An interesting idea, time travel. Would I go back and change things? That is, if you could change things? In the book one can't, one can only go visit. Would I like to go back? Probably not. I am really not even into looking at old family movies, or looking at old family pictures. Only seldom do I allow myself to go there. Yes, I love taking pictures, but sometimes visiting the old pictures hurts. Oh, there are wonderful memories in the old photos, but still, some of them.... bring back so many vivid memories, that throws me off my 'path'. I always feel I have to set aside a time to 'time travel' back.
Also, I am so very busy creating more memories.

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