September 3, 2009


Yesterday I took the day off. Actually, I stopped the night before at my daughter's house, to welcome a friend from Germany. I ended up spending the night, my clothes being washed, borrowing a pair of pj's to sleep in, having breakfast the next morning, dropping the toddler off at daycare, and then taking the fast train into Penn Station in New York.

What a wonderful day the three of us had! We stepped out of the train, made our way outside, and took a deep breath of NYC air - filled with hot dog, and steam, and exhaust, and whatever other mysterious smells New York offers.

Weather was perfect. We decided on the Empire State Building first, and were early enough to beat the line. It was still crowded on top, but the view is amazing. And yes, I still miss the WTC. After winding through all possible venues to spend money, we made it back downstairs, and decided to just wander 5th Ave. We had lunch at Burger Heaven, famous for the macaroni and cheese in our family. Then through Takashimaya, a japanese chain, stopping at Bergdorf Goodman to drool over the shoes, we made it to Central Park. Everbody was out, relaxing on the lawns, playing on the playgrounds, climbing the rocks, enjoying the sunshine, or taking a turn at a carnival set up on Wollman Rink.

It always comes as a shock to me, when it's time to go home again when I am spending time in the city....
Wonderful day.

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