September 10, 2009

is anyone reading this?

that must be a question every blogger asks him/herself. Do I want to keep it as a form of diary? It really isn't a diary, because I really do not put my innermost thoughts in it. So it's just a partial diary. Am I writing it strictly for others, or for myself and others?

I thought my blog would be one thing, and it's turning into something else. I'm not sure yet, which way it'll go.

Anyway, I'm wondering if Matthew had a better day in school today. Yesterday he had one of his infamous episodes where he ran screaming from the school. Even the principal acknowledged that he has kids that run, but no one ever made it out the door. And what his mother thought to be his 'emotional immaturity' turns out to be something else. We just don't know what. Anticipatory anxiety? That sounds great, doesn't it? He claims he is afraid of the 'mean girl'.

Well, he and I practiced telling a teacher, with me being the teacher, or going up to the mean girl and yelling 'stop'! So Matthew walked up to me, and yelled 'stop!', while raising his fist. No, no, no, I said, no raising your fist! You only get to tell her to stop like you mean it. So we did it again.
He was happy enough with my efforts to ask for a hug when I left to go home.

Now I have to wait until one of his parents is not busy enough, so they can answer the phone and tell me.

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