September 20, 2009


Lawrence Farm, near Newburgh, NY, has an enormous field of apples. Nicole and I picked and picked and picked. Mccauns, Macintoshes, Braeburns, Delicious, and i forgot, my favorite, something honey. Even though it's pretty far for me, I have to drive 30 minutes to Nicole's house, and then at least another 45 minutes to the farm on top of a ridge overlooking the Hudson Valley, it's just fantastic up there.

Jackson loved hauling the wagon around. Or sitting in it. He played with those possibilities, and I don't think he ever came to a conclusion. He loved both.

I came home with a sack of apples. A possibility is eating them all - which should take me a while - or share them. I will share some, but eating should be no problem either, they were wonderful.

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