June 29, 2009


Working today. I am sewing a whole bunch of bags, I put the fabric from the upholstery samples together, add pockets if I find a suitable scrap, and pile them up. Then, when I think I have enough piled up, I'll pick the straps, add them, and then choose the lining. I'll finish them mostly with zippers, since I prefer a zippered bag, and by now it's easy to install the zipper. One of these days I'll open an Etsy store and start selling them. Up until now it's been only for friends.

Saturday I went cherry picking with my middle child, her munchkin, and her mother-in-law. We went just over the border into NY State. On the way there we ended up in a downpour, which we ignored, pushed on, and when we got there, it was still raining a bit. But it stopped, and we ended up with plenty of cherries. I made jam immediately after getting home from cherry picking. The munchkin is getting to be very verbal, he repeats everything you say to him! I just want to cuddle him, and hug him... but two-year olds are off and running and not so much interested in being cuddled.

Oh, and I have a demented squirrel tearing holes into my kitchen window screen! I was wondering where that hole in the screen came from - and the window is not that easily accessible - when I saw a squirrel pop up! By that time I had already closed the window, not knowing what critter was making the hole....
I have to get the tree trimming tool back, that my friend borrowed, and trim all the trees close to the house. Another friend wanted to know what I kept in the kitchen... well, it's my kitchen, I keep whatever kitchen stuff in it!

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