June 5, 2009

I was cold

I was cold this evening, it rained all day, and just sitting there I was chilly. Too late in the year to turn on the heat, so I went for my walk. I had skipped it this morning, see rain. I just got back, and I'm chilly no more! I was gone for 40 minutes, with some little hills in the way... and a deer in the bushes right next to me, which scared me, I guess the deer felt the same about me, it took a giant leap - then stood a bit in the shadow seeing what I would do. No, I did not strangle it with my bare hands and ....
Yesterday I picked Jessica up from daycare, and we stopped by her house before I took her to gymnastics. On the way, through a very fancy neighborhood (and this is in what is called 'the greater metropolitan neighborhood' of 17 million people), we saw a fox. Really. Just walking on the side of the street. If I hadn't been driving, I would have rubbed my eyes! I pointed it out to Jessica, and she confirmed, yes, it was a fox! She decided it might be a 'baby fox', I agree with her, it did look young, but, he turned the corner and was gone.
And one of these days, really, I will show off what I make! Not for work, the bags I make for fun, my friends, as gifts...

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