June 15, 2009


We spent the weekend in Maryland. About 10 miles east of the Beltway. You'd never know you are this close to the capitol of the US. Rolling hills, farms, lots of barns, some tobacco barns, some just barns, silos, large lots, just so nice.
We were there for Noah's first birthday. And he got celebrated with the whole family present, on both sides. His dad's sisters were there with me, one of the uncles, three of his cousins, a cousin of his mom's with her husband, an uncle and aunt of his mom's, the parents of his mom, and little old mom of the dad -me.

His dad's friend from his boyhood days was there with his wife, plus one of the guys he works with with his wife.
A beautiful cake made by his mother, so much love for the little guy.

The neighbor across the street was there as well, and I spent the entire time she was present talking to her. Very interesting, we talked about sewing and quilting. She gave me the push to start a quilt sometime soon! Just start, she said.

We went to the playground by the church across the street, next to the cemetery, after we walked - Greg and I, taking Jackson in the stroller along with us. We stopped back by the house and picked up Jessica and Nibby, the German Shepard. That's how we ended up at the cometary, having the kids along. Greg asked a volunteer for permission to use the playground, which ended with us introducing ourselves all around and chatting with her first.

I fell in love all over again with the southern magnolia - blooms as big as dinner plates, just lovely. And the scent!
We took one to bring back to the house and used it as a centerpiece.
The weekend was over much too fast....

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