June 2, 2009


Today is Jessica's birthday. She is five years old now! Amazing. I remember her birthday, I was taking care of her 20-months old brother, while her Mom and Dad went to the hospital. The phone call was 'everything is fine, she is healthy, gorgeous, and her name is Jessica'.
The next phone call was that she was in trouble and needed to go to the NICU. Well, she had cried so hard at birth, that she had a hole in her lung, that needed to heal before she could go home.
Well, everything turned out all right, Jessica is fine, but there were a few tension filled moments.

Since then I - all of us, really - got plenty of practice with NICU's, babies in trouble, premature babies, lung issues, etc. But everyone is fine so far.... we are so lucky or blessed.

This is really supposed to be about my crafting - sewing, making things, etc. So far I have managed to not show or talk about anything I made. I'll get there!

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