June 10, 2009


Yesterday was dentist day for my two oldest grandchildren. I don't know what happened with Jessica, I do know what happened with Matthew. Almost seven, he was called in first. And even though the TV was turned up way high in the waiting room, pretty soon we could hear him crying. And then he came out, still crying hard. His mother handed him over to me, and took Jessica in. Matthew wanted to bolt out of the door, I wouldn't let him. He just wouldn't calm down, nothing was even done on him! I finally just took him home, and just handed him over to his Dad.
I'll have to find out what happened with Jessica.
I met a friend for the movies, we saw 'Night at the Museum'. Entertaining. I think I'll take M&J with me next Tuesday and see it again. Then I want to see the 'Hangover' - the lines for this movie were unbelievable! Must be really entertaining/funny!

It rained yesterday, and Linda at work and I worked at getting things off shelves that were getting wet, drying them off, and redistributing them before moving on to our normal work.
I hung out my laundry, hoping that the weather would turn nice, like predicted, and not stay damp and drizzly.
I came home last night, after a rainfilled day, to find the robins nest, which was up high under the deck on the ground. I think - really hope - that the baby robbins were big enough and the nest is no longer needed.

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