September 25, 2012

More birthday

The above photo was taken while hiking on the Rheinstieg on the left side of the Rhine, and the town is Oberwesel, Germany

We did have fondue - cheese fondue with bread and apples, and M wanted meat with his, so he made pigs in the blanket (little hot dogs baked in ready-made crescent roll dough), and it was delicious.  I used Gueryere and Swiss cheese, a dry white wine, some nutmeg and dry mustard, and it was perfect, and we ate every last bit.  Nicole was supposed to have joined us, but she had another baby scare, and opted to be checked (that sounds heartless, but she assured us it was mostly routine, every time she has a concern, they keep her overnight in the hospital, just to be safe), anyway the longwinded point is that it's a good thing she didn't come, there wouldn't have been enough!
We had chocolate fondue after, and we dipped apple pieces, pineapple, strawberries - oh so good! and grapes.  Yummy.  And fun.  And we wondered, like every time we make fondue, why we don't make it more often.
 We're at the dessert part of the fondue, chocolate dipped fruit - lovely

And with the chocolate we didn't even bother with a fondue pot, we just used the 'double boiler directly from the stove, I started it in.  I did the same with the cheese, got it to the right point in the kitchen and then brought it to the table over the sterno burner.

Somehow afterward we talked about going for a walk, and actually got everyone to agree to go to one of our favorite places by now, Hawk Watch.  And the kids parents had to agree, it is a beautiful spot that takes your breath away after the not-too-long hike through the woods.

We came home to find visitors in the yard, eating the bread that had gone stale.
You can see how close they come by looking at the picture with Matthew in the foreground.
I will upload now, please forgive me for being too tired to write in German!
Next time, I promise!

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  1. Hier habe ich immerhin alles verstanden, liebe Ruth.
    Wie schön, dass ihr so ein tolles Fondue hattet. Und als Nachtisch sogar mit Schokolade, hmmmm.
    Fondue haben wir früher auch öfter mal gemacht.
    Aber nicht Käse, sondern mit Öl, glaub ich war das. Oder war es Brühe? Ich habe keine Ahnung, ist so lange her.
    Ist schon nervig, dass sie die werdende Mutter immer über Nacht dabehalten. Aber wenn es sein muss...
    ich wünsche alles Gute ♥
    Liebe Grüße Bärbel