September 14, 2012

Friday chores

Grass mowed, check.  Weeds under control, semi-check, they still have a chance to pop up.
Hedges trimmed, no, chore for tomorrow.  Flowers bought to make things colorful, check.  Enough?  No, I have to get more.

We did the kids this week.  Jim and Erika both were on business trips, and we stayed with the kids for a couple of days until Erika came back.  Got them off to school, supervised them making lunches and doing their homework, gently prodded them to get going, and walked them to the first crossing guard.

Then off to work, and goodness, I was hoping for a day off, the weather was so nice, I wanted to either go to Ellis Island or to the city, but then I got an order of 70 plus plus pieces, and there went that.  There went the serger as well, one of the loopers broke, and it had to go to the repair shop.

Plus I didn't feel good during the beginning of the week.  Thank goodness I feel better!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Not enough time to translate it into German today, I'm sorry!
Entschuldigung, bald wirds wieder besser!

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