September 11, 2012


No, not being morbid or wallowing in grief.  But sad.  Remembering being at the WTC, either arriving by subway, and going up the endless long escalators, rushing with everyone else, and then standing and waiting in the lobby for the next available elevator that got you to the top in one minute, and made your ears pop.
The incredible view walking up a little from the elevator, then the step down in the wall of glass which gave you a sense of vertigo.  You could sit and tarry for a moment, or make the circle through the fast-food shops ad souvenir shops to the elevator to the  top, if the weather allowed, a couple of times it was either to windy or too wet to go outside.
It was so high my son Chuck got dizzy and had to sit down on the benches, away from the railing when he was little.
You were a quarter mile up in the sky and it felt like you could look forever.
And yes, I've had dinner in the evening at the Windows of the World restaurant, and once the entire family had Sunday brunch.
It was another case of not 'have you been there', but 'how many times have you been there'.  It was familiar because all our visitors wanted to experience it.
You used it to gauge the direction when getting out of the subway in the city, you saw the towers and you knew they were south and you could pick your way by that.

I still miss them.  I miss the crowds, I miss the familiarity, I miss knowing where to go for twofers in the towers, I miss the customs building where my husband used to go to work.

Anyway, today was a time to remember it all, and here is the empty spot where the WTC used to be:


  1. *seufz* So schön beschrieben, auch wenn ich nie dort war.

  2. Auch wir haben an den Tag gedacht, wenn auch arg weit entfernt.

    Und nun haben ein paar Idioten wieder Mist gebaut, und der Kampf geht wieder los. Es ist zum Kotzen.