September 17, 2012

Excursion Ellis Island, Liberty, etc.

The weather was gorgeous today.  We did our picking out of a place to celebrate yesterday, so today was a 'do-what-we-want- day.  And I wanted to go to Ellis Island, I hadn't been in years (with you, Edith), and M had never been.
 Is this the perfect shot?  Ist das das perfekte Foto?

This one of the boat?  No, not yet, I'm photographing skyline!

This one?  Maybe....
 The registry hall on Ellis Island.  All the immigrants had to wait here to be allowed into the country.
 One of the towers of Ellis Island
We actually had our picture taken! On the ferry, with the new WTC a little in the upper right

The trip is as usual, drive all the way to Liberty State Park on the Jersey side, park, walk to the former RR building, get the tickets, go through security (yes, it's like going to the airport, with the bag check and the scanner), and then get on the ferry.  Out on the water for a few fast minutes, barely time to get the 'perfect' shot of lower Manhattan, and you're at Ellis Island.
I just love the museum.  We went there the first time in 1991, shortly after it opened, and have liked it ever since.  Just like the World Trade Center, I've dragged all my visitors there, and everyone has been impressed.
We did go over to Liberty Island, and the crowds were amazing.  So many people!  No, we didn't go in the statue.  It's either newly opened or will open soon after restoration work. It's hard walking in the statue, especially when it's crowded, the steps are a little higher than normal steps, and you have to wait behind other people, we did it years ago, and we had a charlie horse that was of epic proportions!
 And one of the reasons I made the trip: to get the statue of Liberty in a picture with downtown Manhattan.
 In the case is a motorcycle made from copper from the statue of Liberty.
 My paparazzi
 and  yet another attempt at the perfect shot
 details: a friend of mine, a long, long time ago, actually made it to the torch.  A really long time ago.
  The windows below the crown.  That's what you look out of for 10 seconds before having to move on  after climbing all the way to the top.  Worth it?  Not really.  Do you have to do it?  Absolutely!


  1. Liebe Ruth, du schaust so glücklich und jung aus. Klasse. Ihr beiden seid ein sehr, sehr nettes Paar.
    Danke für die Registrierungs-Halle, das ist ja echt interessant. Warst du auch damals da drin?
    Insgesamt tolle, superschöne Fotos, ob das Segelboot, die Flamme von Miss Liberty, die skyline.
    ich bin begeistert!
    deine Bärbel

  2. Hübsch und happy seht ihr aus! Die Omas (und Opas) sind nicht mehr, was sie mal waren.