October 2, 2012

Fall and Celebration

The big lull before the big celebration.  Not all set yet, going for the license today!  Jitters?  I'll admit to a little.  Smallish crowd, just family.  But just family ends up being around 30 people!  That's not a small crowd!
The weekend was quiet.  We did manage to go for a hike on Sunday, and it was lovely.  Pictures?  Oh, they are in the camera....  just a minute...
M 'lifting' tri-pod rock

fall is starting

 watching for hawks, eagles, you name it
 making lunch
 and .... Kermit?  changing color for winter?


  1. What a strong man! His second name is Hulk?

  2. Ja, der Herbst ist auch hier eingezogen, er ist nicht mehr zu leugnen.
    Der Frosch ist ja toll aufgenommen.
    Und ihr beide habt immer viel Spass, das ist super.
    Ganz liebe Grüße vom Tag der Deutschen Einheit
    deine Bärbel