October 29, 2012

More storm news

Well, Monday morning finds us still in bed watching a bad Arnold S. movie.  Something about South America and drugs, and terrorism.... the usual mayhem.
The news is full of storm news, but so far the storm has not made landfall.  Here - no rain, no hail, a little bit of wind.
The schools are all closed, the NYC subway system is shut down, and a lot of areas are evacuated/under order to evacuate.  Expected are huge power failures, which we hope will not come true - we like our movies, TV, Internet, phone, laptop, etc.  And of course hot food.
I will be quilting today (pst, Christmas present), as long as the power holds out.  The tides already pushed the water over the usual limits, and worse is supposedly coming.

That's my update for now, I'm going off to get my second cup of coffee.

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