October 14, 2012

Post wedding

Lovely days we had after the wedding.  Some relatives stayed until Monday, the last ones to leave were Michael's daughter and granddaughter.
Michael's brother-in-law was parked in front of our house early in the morning, he was there before we got up.  He wanted to get a picture of the bear.  He's heard from a neighbor that the bear comes around just about every day.  There he was, and it was a chilly day, staked out in front of the neighbor's house, Michael took pity on him at some point and hung out with him for a bit.  I decided to see what they were doing, opened the front door, stepped outside and looked to the left, where the bear was rummaging through our garbage.  He was maybe 15 to 20 feet (about 10 m) away from me.  No, I was too surprised to be afraid, besides, bears are very afraid of people.
I did decide to go back in the house to be on the safe side, and only after a couple of minutes did I go to the guys and told them about the missed photo opportunity.
Sunday the out-of-towners came over for breakfast, we visited some more, and after my son and family left, the rest of us took a walk, you guessed it, up to Hawk Watch, which everyone just goes 'Oh, wow!' when stepping to the open.
And Monday we went to New York with Michael's daughter and granddaughter.  We'd forgotten it was Columbus Day and had to weave back and forth across 5th Ave. to avoid the parade.  We visited the American Doll Store, and tried to get into Serendipity for ice cream, but with 1 hour wait we opted to go back to Dylan's Candy store and had our ice cream there.

Grandpa gives piggy back rides

 The parade in front of Rockefeller Center

 In Dylan's Candy Store (3 stories of candy, I'm not kidding!)

 This weekend - Fall, and the most brilliant color I could find
 In Harriman State Park

We went hiking, both yesterday and today despite a cold that's making me somewhat miserable.
 And Michael took the pictures of the smooching deer aren't they cute?

 Fall color
And me!


  1. So krasse Gegensätze. New York (was ich wohl doch nochmal irgendwann sehen möchte) und dann die knutschenden Rehe.

    Der Candy-Store sieht sehr schön bunt aus.

    Den Bär hätte ich auch gerne gesehen, aber ich wäre wohl im Haus geblieben.

  2. Was für wunderschöne Fotos!
    Grins, du bist beim Bären und die andern lauern draußen, das ist ja echt ein Ding.
    Immerhin sind Fotos von der Parade dabei, lach.
    Im Candy store hattet ihr wohl viel Freude, vor allem die Kleine, denke ich.
    Wundervolle Fotos vom herrlichen Herbst, der bei uns auch sehr schön ist, immer noch Sonne, bis gestern 23 Grad, heute "nur" 18 Grad. Es wird jetzt jeden Tag etwas kälter werden.
    Liebe Grüße aus dem Ruhrgebiet über den großen Teich