October 19, 2011


It's fall.  And not as lovely as in previous years - maybe the glory is still to come?  Anyway, it's not as colorful, bright, smack-you-in-the-face glorious as I remember falls.
And it isn't just me.  We drove to the Delaware Water Gap on Saturday, intending to hike/walk a bit.  I wanted to show off Millbrook, a lovely village we'd discovered years ago, when my children where still small, and there was one lonely park ranger (with lovely blue eyes), who doubled as the blacksmith.
Since then, Millbrook has been discovered by lots of volunteers, who added to the place, and have made quite a difference.

Anyway, Millbrook was closed.  Sowere ALL the restrooms in the park, and several other attractions.  Disappointed, and needing a restroom, we went to the (HUGE!) PA welcome building on the PA side.  Where we heard this exchange:
'Where can I find the most colorful leaves?'  Ranger:  'they are all over the park, sir'
'but I want the MOST colorful leaves, where would they be?'
'I don't know, sir, it changes daily, leaves that were there yesterday may have been blown away today, you'll just have to look'
'but can't you recommend a special spot?  I came all the way to photograph colorful leaves'

At that point I had to walk away, it was getting too funny, and I admired the ranger's patience.

But, I promised pumpkins!  This year I actually broke down/found a white pumpkin!
And I got the orange mottled one as a present!  Thank you so much!

Lovely, aren't they? 
Oh, and it looks like I am the hostess for Thanksgiving.  Wanna come over?
On the menu so far:
Cranberry sauce 
mashed potatoes
pumpkin pie
pecan pie
suggestions are welcome.  Of course we'll have vegetables.
I don't know which ones yet....


  1. Good pictures! And how funny that you remember the blue eyes, I love eyes too:) So funny about the bonehead with the camera. That ranger earned his pay that day. If I were closer, I'd be there for Thanksgiving dinner, sounds yummy. I'll have to wait for pictures to see what I missed. Sorry we couldn't connect this year but don't give up, I feel we'll meet somehow, someday:)

  2. alles klar! bin dabei! bring aber noch den holgi mit....

  3. Liebe Ruth,
    dein Header ist mal wieder umwerfend schön.
    Wie schade, das solche schöne Dinge immer geschlossen sind, wenn man mal wieder hin will.
    Kürbisse kaufe ich keine. Damit hab ich nix am Hut, lach.
    Aber deine sehen toll aus, und der letzte, bzw. sein "Griff" hat was von einem Tier.