October 25, 2011

Massachusetts weekend

The fall isn't as pretty this year.  The colors really aren't popping, I don't know, maybe not cold enough yet?  Even in MA, which is one of the fall color places, it wasn't overwhelming, I've seen prettier.  But the light!  My goodness, toward evening the light was just amazing.  Like in a painting.  I'd show you, but I only caught it while going over bridges, glimpses while driving, and never long enough to get the camera in action, not even out of the purse!  I saw a photo that someone else took with that light, and maybe if I say pretty please, she'll let me show it.

We did have time to stop by a nursery, filled with fall flowers, hay rides, a corn maze and pumpkins and gourds, which got my attention.  We stayed long enough to get an ice cream (soft serve, my favorite), and then I went on a buying spree - butternut squash for 49 cents a pound!  I got enough to hopefully still have one for Thanksgiving.  And then I got a green hubbard squash, a small one, these get really huge, a Japanese really orange variety, some little green and white squashes, and a huge cabbage.  I wanted the huge cabbage for the leaves, I'm tired of making galumpkis (stuffed cabbage) with tiny leaves.
Sadly, I didn't find last year's favorite of mine, the buttercup squash.  Declared so far the best by all of us.

Can you tell I went into winter food mode?  I seem hungry all the time.  I am working on perfecting my cinnamon roll favorite recipe, doing well with it, messed up a raisin bread by not having the time/patience to wait until it's done, but it still is really good, even with a gooey center in the middle, and I'll make a pizza with leftovers (meatballs, etc) tonight.
(and it was good!)


  1. Hey Ruth, I love ice cream too and my favorite has always been soft serve! I even take a bowl of the hard stuff and stir it enough to make it like soft serve:) I need to move closer to you so I can taste all your creations....

  2. Tell me about winter food mode...I ate eight Mozartkugeln tonight, just because it felt kind of right.

  3. Liebe Ruth,
    auch wir hatten schon gezweifelt, ob die typischen Herbstfarben sich wohl noch zeigen. Sie tun es - zur Zeit ganz intensiv.
    Hier zu sehen, als Beispiel